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Originally Posted by petercookie View Post
Thanks tracker

I am lazy

No, but seriously if anyone wants to ask about anything which is there, i would be more than happy to give my advise on it or cost/where u can buy it ect..............
Hi Petercookie you look well prepared mate

I have got a question for you regarding knives, is the machete a Cold Steel Kukri Machete ? if so did you have any trouble getting it with living in the UK. I live in your neck of the woods and I'm interested in getting myself some gear put together, so i guess what I'm trying to say is it still easy to get your hands on stuff like that with the draconian knife laws we have in this country.

Any info and advice will be greatly appreciated

By the way you and tracker have put together some excellent stuff for survival etc and are helping us Brits out a lot thank you, and to all the other guys from the UK and the rest of the world that are posting on the survival forum thank you for the information it will be priceless when the SHTF.
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