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Default Me camping/survival gear.........

I just thought it would be good to make a thread were other people may also include pics of there survival/camping gear and give comments or constructive critism......... All welcome.

Now im quite a beginner in all of this and am trying to improve my gear all of the time.

This thread is for people to post there survival/camping gear and offer and recieve advise by anyone willing....

We all have to start some-where so dont worry if you think your gear is not that good, its a start and its not a competition......... I just think its good to see what some people take into the woods and compare and improve on your own gear.........

This is not all of my gear, there is other bits and pieces but this is most of the stuff i would think of takeing, depending on the weather and location ect.

^Rucksack/tent and telescopic fishing rod. Not many people seem to reccomend a fishing rod but maybe a telescopic rod could be a good idea?, like you could go for a spot of fishing and maybe catch some food.........
These a pic of the tent - vango banshee 300

Seems quite good ^ i have only camped in it twice so far, but with no problems.

Down sleeping bag/ tarp (approx 10ft by 10ft) and tough skin therma-rest -

just a pic i got of the web to show the thermarest.

Some knives and tools - i dont take all of these things, just pick out afew to take mostly.

Random things - water bottle/bins/mess tin/firelighters and pouch with cotton balls and vaseline plus lighter & fireseteel & candles in pouch/torch/ paracord/ gill net/ fishing hooks an line.....

Boots and clothing - wool jumpers/ water proof trousers/ scarf/ thermal underwear ect.

So please feel free to comment and offer advise and also add pictures of your own kits ect.

See yas on the trail

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