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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
Very impressive but where's your compost bin mister apprentice ... I don't see one ? It's one aspect of gardening upon which I'm very well read and I've got a bit of a 'thing' about it ... nature's very own delicatessen, worm sanctuary and natural recycling centre.

Also have you applied Nasturtium technology yet - my favourite flower, grows in poor soil, beautiful flower heads, self propagating, edible peppery salad leaves ( also a favourite for rabbits and guinea pigs) and also a secret weapon against predatory insects for your fruit and veggies. Besides attracting bumble bees and butterflies they also act as a 24/7 fast food restaurant for blackfly who swarm to them. "Yuk ! Who wants blackfly ?" I hear you ask and rightly so, well the thing is, if you embroider all your veggie patches with rows of Nasturtium flowers, besides turning it into an artistic riot of colours: yellows, oranges, reds and purples. you should find that any blackfly and greenfly won't bother your edibles at all as they'll be drawn to the easier succulent Nasturtium stalks.

Best day to plant seeds (fingernail deep) is May 1st.

PM me and I'll send you a packet of my own free, gratis and fer nowt.

The compost heap is here next to the wheelbarrow.

It has four scaffold planks at the back and removable sides and covered with a good layer of wool carpets to get the heat into it.

We normally plant marigolds in between our vedge which adds a splash of colour for the minds eye as well as the body.

We got two tone of compost this time which we scatter over the whole area and use as a 50-50 mix for potting on.

We have so many worms in our vedge patch that there is hardly any need to dig, these unpaid servants of nature really earn their keep around here.

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