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It didnt take much meditation to realize the government's involvement with this topic. Why do I have a strong vibe that that means any of us with like minds can be targeted. They have browser history, access to FB and e-mails. We are targeted for what we know. It dosent end with me or anyone else, they will take it to the next level and get the next group of people that they dislike the most. They are just test gearing a population b/c they want to force the nazi germany scenario on the USA. This is what JFK Jr was talking about when he said those with "covert Agendas" that want to destroy our freedoms. Connecting the dots. Maybe this is what appauled Snowden the most (b/c he hasnt released all the info yet), is that they are already doing this. How many people disapear or are murdered under the same circumstances? I stopped fearing death a long time ago and I dont feel sorry for myself in any way, but do other people realize they are next on the list?... In a hypothetical situation of course, if the machine is not stopped. Which it will be.

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