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Originally Posted by palestine_hill View Post
I am the emails I receieved were private messages from people on this site so I didn't give my email addy out to anybody. I have my own website where I give one of my emails out, but that site was in place before I was informed that I am being gangstalked, so my gangstalkers already have it and I am not going to remove it because it has my writing on it and genuine people may want to contact me.

The person who emailed me followed the same lines as the other gangstalkers by being oh so friendly and sending me links to her blog, etc. I could only reply a certain amount of times because I am only allowed so many emails, but I haven't heard a peep from that person since. That person then wrote on someone's thread "Bump" and I don't know that that means.

I was on Plenty of Fish and I received emails from someone and he gave me his number and all kinds of information. That was before I found out that I was being gangstalked. The line they follow is to be oh so friendly and invite you into their lives and then dump you. I know the routine now so I am suspicious about it all. I just wonder how many people these gangstalkers are impersonating.

For the record, I never send anyone any private messages, I only reply to messages that I have received.
Fair enough but you didn't say private messages. You said emails, and for the record, you are still saying emails. The emails you are receiving are not directly from the person. They are simply a notification that you have received a private message.
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