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These 2500 arrested pedos are in the legal sweat box right now. The names are getting larger. It's starting to go into the government. Comey getting kicked out of the FBI is going to be key to acceleration of the investigation. Gowdy taking over would be a blessing. This Alefantis is listed very high in the list for powerful people in DC. This may have been a trap but, how did he get so high in the ranks of who is who in Washington? Keep digging. The MOSAD figures into this somewhere. Blackmail and extortion of government officials is obvious. Trafficking numbers are out of sight and it is not just children. As for the traitors in government don't offer them a blindfold. That is if the crooked law enforcement and courts get busy and move on this. If they do not it is time for the formation of civil courts. We have their signatures on unconstitutional laws and judgements and we can judge them.

While they are threatening us with war and FEMA camps and guillotines we have built pneumatic ones with conveyor belts that chop every foot or so. Imagine us stealing FEMA coffins for the party we are ready to throw. I warned them they are at the end of the rope around their skinny necks and you can't get though to the pointed headed ones. And LOL we won't be bothering to gather FEMA coffins, sweep the truck off and let it stink in the sun.

No I will not unwrap them to take a picture, they are ready to roll.

There are no civilian courts yet, that is a facade. There soon will be though, 12 jurors and a judge picked on the spot.

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