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Default Once again....down bewilderment avenue...

Originally Posted by ianw View Post
Sunlight is upon the earth 24/7 365 day a year and has been every since the solar system was formed. Its so fundamentally basic. Sunlight is on earth
Just shutup. Really. The SUN is not on Earth. The whole point of the statement whooshes 93 million miles over your head.

In a vacuum, low on the horizon is immaterial to the strength of the sun.
But very much material to the surface temperatures spouted by uninformed HBs as meaning something! The same heating ability of the Sun exists in LEO on ISS space walks. No problem now or then.

Ironically Lunar midday would of given less exposure to the extreme heat of the sun.
Ironically you are totally and idiotically wrong. The LM would have its entire outer surface exposed. The ground temperature would be double and radiated heat an additional problem.

The hypothetical science already says heat transference of the ground would be minimal.
Not at full temperature, it would be a major concern. From the heat map of the Moon, the surface radiates at equilibrium something like 1000 watts per square meter.

If that was the case
Duhhhhh, it isn't the case

why expose someone head to toe to such intense sunlight when midday would for the most part only expose about 20% of a standing individual at the top of the helmet and shoulders.
Wow, what a crock of shit. You contradict every other piece of HB bullshit about how hot it was When the sun is low, at least 50% of the suit is in shadow. When directly above very little is. The spacesuit works whatever the exposure, totally orthogonal rays are almost exclusively reflected, the multiple layers take care of the rest. The heat issue for the cooling system is entirely concerned with dissipation of body heat.
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