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Originally Posted by eddieb View Post
One of the first anomolies he points out is that the footprints in the Moon surface is just not possible. Dry powder will not show any shoe/boot patterns and yet there they are in the photo's. ( He states that this is easily proved simply by walking on dry sand at the beach and then in the wet sand i.e dry no pattern, wet shows pattern ).
Ralph Rene was an imbecile who thought pi was wrong, and Archimedes principle was wrong

Regarding footprints on the Moon:

1. It is pure vacuum, there is no air to get in between any of the particles. When it is compressed there is no atmospheric resistance.

2. The particles are extremely tiny and jagged.

3. When pressed together, friction is what holds the footprint in place.

Dry sand is comprised of mainly round particles that don't bond at all, they are nothing at all like the extremely fine particles on the Moon's surface.

He also states that the Moon day is much longer than on earth and this makes a joke of what NASA try to fool us with such as heat and cold.
No it doesn't. Every mission landed early on each Lunar day when the Sun was low on the horizon. The TEMPERATURE quoted on the Moon refers ONLY to the surface, as everything is in a vacuum.

Here is a page with the various Sun angles per mission:

Here is a simple picture showing the SURFACE temperature variation:

As can easily be seen, the SURFACE temperature gets up no more than half maximum. But it is totally irrelevant anyway*. An object heats up until it is in equilibrium. Both the life support systems and the Lunar Module had vacuum specific cooling mechanisms. The same as used today on the ISS.

As stated I'm only half way through but I will say he certainly makes a mockery of NASA.
No, really he doesn't. He is as a sandwich short of a picnic and knows nothing about how the missions were carried out. Have you got to the bit where the buffoon puts gardening gloves on in full 14.7psi atmospheric pressure to "simulate" the spacesuit gauntlets on the Moon? The gauntlets were over gloves, the pressure section was underneath and it was less than 4psi full oxygen

He also claims that we should see tons of stars in video and pictures....a claim that EVERY photographer who has any experience would laugh at.

If you must read something, at least read something not written by a muppet....

* By irrelevant, I mean by reference to the temperature of anything else. The surface emits a certain amount of heat and this does have a small effect on the speed at which the LM heats up(absent of cooling). The boots worn, easily take care of any potential heat transfer.

Edit: I just noticed your troll post in the Kubrick thread, so I won't hold my breath for you to offer a genuine, honest reply. Nothing new really, truth seeking is not what it used to be!

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