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Originally Posted by ianw View Post
Its one thing to live in your own bubble.
Its a different thing altogether to demand other folk join you.
I'm not in my own "bubble". You simply do not have the balls to admit your mistakes or concede you are wrong.

You should enlist the support of the rainbow alliance, they will support a minority even if they all have apposing world view and agenda.
I may be in a minority on this forum of so called "truth seekers", in the real world, I most certainly am not.

Recap of stuff Ianw has run away from:

1. Who is "they"?
2. What qualification does the claimant have for saying they aren't ok!?
3. What analysis has been made of the terrain?
4. There is nothing on Earth capable of lighting such a massive area of land and only casting one shadow.

************************************************** *

A pitch black sky on video where astronauts travel hundreds of yards away from the camera, it does 360 rotations and zooms 100s of yards up hills.

************************************************** *

The Apollo 11 astronaut casting a shadow to the right whilst running.

************************************************** *

His useless video getting the shit kicked out of it and afraid to admit the lighting in the background is a load of bollocks. "Do these pictures show consistent solid lighting or is it obviously poor in the background. Run away"

************************************************** *

Gene Cernan speeded up looking ridiculous, the whole sequence provided here:

Now Ian, fail miserably again to show some balls, how did the light this area with pitch black sky?

************************************************** *

Not a single response to these showing a massive area evenly lit, black skies, long zooms and astronauts all over the place:

Not one of them moves into the background, because there is a bloody green screen.....

IAN?? Can you explain where the green screen is on this.....

************************************************** *

Any response to ground based wire support issues:

Here is a test video with MULTIPLE wires to properly simulate lunar gravity, obvious jerks.....

As stated, you haven't got the balls

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