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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
You liar. You appal me with your lack of integrity and honesty. Even to the most misguided and stubborn HB, there is no doubt that it looks completely ridiculous at 245% speed.

You just can't explain it can you, it totally blows every single HB out of the water, just that small piece of footage. Not one of you can answer it. I said not a peep from any of you...then "By peep, I mean a coherent honest response "

Ianw proving my point
Its one thing to live in your own bubble.
Its a different thing altogether to demand other folk join you.
You should enlist the support of the rainbow alliance, they will support a minority even if they all have apposing world view and agenda.
They act like fascists calling names and having tantrums, your sure to feel the love.

My definition of being a flatmooner is the apolow footage was filmed in a studio
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