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Originally Posted by ianw View Post
Looks quite natural speeded up.
You liar. You appal me with your lack of integrity and honesty. Even to the most misguided and stubborn HB, there is no doubt that it looks completely ridiculous at 245% speed.

You just can't explain it can you, it totally blows every single HB out of the water, just that small piece of footage. Not one of you can answer it. I said not a peep from any of you...then "By peep, I mean a coherent honest response "

Ianw proving my point

Here's where that little clip comes from, see how far away he starts from? See where the camera pans right and zooms in on distant rocks.

Now Ian, fail miserably again to show some balls, how did the light this area with pitch black sky?

Ianw, are getting owned as always, yet not one of the HBs watching this has any semblance of being a truther. Nothing ever changes in the world of a troofah!

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