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Originally Posted by ianw View Post
The production most probably came in cheaper than a cocacola ad yet you havent been able to point out evidence of multiple lighting.
GTabsoluteFO, you total joke! I pointed out numerous obvious, totally obvious shite effects from MODERN video and editing. They still couldn't do what Apollo did, because they were on the Moon! The lighting uses a single nearfield spotlight.

Clever how they have inserted the band in a pic with reticles
Modern greenscreen - dead simple, they overlay a bloody picture taken on the Moon.

flawless shadows off the band members with no attempt off you to say where the stage finishes and the backdrop begins.
BULLSHIT! I quite correctly pointed out the bad lighting. The stage is what is seen in the appalling tail off shots. The ones with the actual Apollo 17 backdrop look reasonably ok, but the pictures are deliberately blurred to create false depth of field. Bloody dead obvious.

No wonder you stopped half way through hollywood moon scenes like the ones of superman or james bond would be far easier to watch for a fan like your self with there piss poor moonscapes.
Your response is just cowardly. You have no integrity at all, you never admit your mistakes. You posted a SHITTY video with effects that even novices can see have problems. I only needed to watch the first 15 seconds for most of them, it then just used repeat shots and the same errors.

Here, coward, answer this:

Do these pictures show consistent solid lighting or is it obviously poor in the background. Run away

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