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Originally Posted by ianw View Post
You engage me on this thread then start winging, feminist like.
Hmm, misogynistic of you! Your pathetic entry into this thread was an aside to me!

We have sunlight on earth, it casts a single shadow, unlike you most five year olds would see it as obvious.
Yep reading and comprehension issues. I have no problem with the Sun casting single shadows, I have problems with very clueless people not understanding normal, easy to read English.

Here, let me explain it to you. I'll do my very best to get through that brickwall of misunderstanding that you have to suffer!

I said this:

There is nothing on Earth capable of lighting such a massive area of land and only casting one shadow.

There. ON EARTH. Not the sun, not the Moon. It references the moronic claim that the Apollo set was lit by some ridiculously impossible superlight.

So, tell me, why the fuck are you talking about the bloody Sun?

Go through this vid and find me something wrong, multiple shadows, back of the set or whatever and post up a screen shot pointing out the errors.
It should be a piece of cake.
Right you are, piece of piss.....

First 3 images have absolutely useless background lighting. Quite obviously not outdoors and no consistent light as expected from the Sun:

Next one same issues with lighting, and focus problems on background:

Next one same issues with lighting, earth too big:

Next one and the most ironic of the lot, it uses a green screen image of an Apollo 17 picture taken on the Moon, they haven't even bothered removing the reticles!:

Ditto - Apollo 17 picture taken on the Moon, they haven't even bothered removing the reticles!:

That is ignoring duplicate shots with the same shit backlighting and I stopped half way through.

I eagerly await your honest response...….as if

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