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Originally Posted by derekbuttery View Post
where's the wiki evidence supporting this?
You mean the Vladimir Putin thing? That's in Gregg Hallett's material. He claimed there were several Putin doubles operating for the KGB in New Zealand during the 80's.

Here is a link including information about the multiple Putin doubles but I don't endorse all the content.

Putin's grandfather was Lenin's cook. His grandmother was Putin's lover.

Spirodon used to have his own wikipedia page but it seems to be deleted.

Here is a link from Pravda which indicates that Spirodon used to be Lenin's cook since the wikipedia article is gone.

Putin is descended from Lenin and looks more like him than his official grandfather. Similar to the Octomom in vitro treatments, Putin has several twins as he was part of a genetic engineering experiment to produce a Russian leader for the twenty first century. Their political systems favor a single strongman leader for political stability unlike more western systems.

Nevertheless, this thread isn't about Byzantine Emperor Vladimir Putin, he deserves his own thread. His wealth rivals the British Crown or the Papal Estates. Google is your friend. There is a lot of information about Putin doubles on many websites. Another died of a heart attack a few years ago. Saddam and Hitler both had many doubles as well. That way, when one of them dies it isn't the end of the regime.

But seriously, the focus of this thread was about the two contradictory books from Francisco Manoel about allegedly being descended from Queen Victoria. My goal was just to explain how Gregg Hallett is just a dupe for the Duke of Braganza.

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