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But what is a ley line though? the term was coined by Alfred Watkins but his description of a ley line is nothing what most people think one is.
watkins believed they were roads which is an absurd idea. That's not to say that they might not have been used for pilgramige purposes but they do not follow the course of least resistance through the landscape so its implausible that they formed transport routes as their primary purpose

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Some believe that, some dont. I dont.
while others know it to be true

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But is there really such an energy grid? there is a guy called Paul Deveraux who was part of the dragon project tracing ley lines across southern England many years ago. His work is quite scientitic but he is quite conviced that such energy grids are not real although he does state that water lines can be dowsed and followed, which was probably the case in his project work.

I like the idea of a grid netowrk but I am less convinced now. Its easy for people to come up with loads of interesting theories but unless such things can be really uncovered then and proven to form such a grid then I think there is little value in such studies.
yes they're real and animals like birds and salmon are likely following electromagnetic fields on their migrations
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