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Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly...

Were the five victims said to be killed by Jack The Ripper.

Take their initials and you get MANACESCEMJK. Manac es cem jk.

Maniac has come Jack.

I read a book in which a guy measured the distances between the killings. I cannot recall the numbers but to illustrate: The distance between the first killing and the third killing is the same distance between the fourth killing and the second killing and so on. The same numbers kept coming up. In short the killings were not random but mathematically placed. They were forming a shape.

I noticed something about the pattern of killings. They match an old pen and paper puzzle called THE HOUSE OF SANTA CLAUS. You have to draw a house with an x in the middle without taking your pen off the paper or going over any of the lines you've drawn.

There are a few ways of solving this puzzle and if you draw a line between the ripper's victims you get the first few lines of one of the ways to solve it. It was not finished in the ripper's case but if he had continued the puzzle would have been solved sometime around Christmas. The killings were perpetrated in Whitechapel. An apt name for the house of santa.

As I said the building was unfinished. What does that remind you of?

The unfinished pyramid of the masons.

The pyramid has an eye at the top.

The killing of Catherine Eddowes In Mitre Square forms the top of the house of santa claus (a pyramid) She had unusual cuts beneath her eyes...

None of the other victims had these. The mitre and the square are both freemasonic images. The mutilation to the eyes of the victims is a sign of the eye over the unfinished pyramid.

It is said that the mutilations to the victims match ritual masonic mutilations.

I believe these murders were an evil spell. Why are there so many serial killers around today? Because the ripper murders are inspiring them energetically. I believe that serial killers are under the ripper spell. It seeks out people who might be disturbed and turns them into serial killers. They hear a call.
I know, because I've heard the call too.
An Archbishop Cross could also be made from the pattern had another murder had been commited on Leman St. With Whitechapel Road going straight down the middle. Spooky. Also, the Mitre square, Bishops hat. Not sure if that is already a theory. Just seems logical.

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