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The most bizarre theory I had heard but when I thought about it seemed quite plausable was that Aleister Crowley was responsible for the murders.

At the time he would have only been a teenager but it is known that around that time he had began to sleep with prosititutes.

In terms of Freemasonry, Crowley has been connected with many secret societies but the most notable aspects of the murders is that they fit to a type of ritual. That is that each murder fits on the map to fit to a geometric pattern or in simple terms that the murders were planned out to a pattern before hand. Some of these maps can be found on the internet.

From what I can gather the whole senario is part of one degree of many that involve the expansion of majick or knowledge of psychological manipulation and control of the self, something which Crowley had sought to master.

It could be viewed that because Crowley was only a young boy, he would not arouse any suspicion at all that he could have commited these murders. Crowley was an avid mountaineer whom had developed many skills on his own by climbing cliffs around near the areas he lived to go on to break what would have been records at the time. This would have made him a strong individual, strong enough perhaps to have the ability to murder someone else. Perhaps women were his first targets because in terms of physical strength a majority of women are not as strong as men. In terms of age, Crowley might have been more or less matched in strength.

If we assume Crowley had commited the murders then it would be difficult to deduce what ritual he acted out and if it was a requirement of a secret society or if he acted alone.

In terms of events and considering the era it happened, I can imagine those events would still have needed many months of planning, observation, timing and most importantly, practice. Being a young lad, it would have been easy to go into public without the need to hide his appearance. By all accounts, they are all perfect murders. From my point of view I would think that if Crowley had done it, it would have been overseen by others as it would be likely that he would have been an apprentice. As far as an Occult society would be concerned, this rite or degree would be deemed furfilled and would have given Crowley the kind of control, power and development he would have sought after.

I'm no expert on this subject but to me it sounds like a strong argument.

Edit: Missed the previous posts about the rituals.

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