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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
The absolute stupidity of some of these comments is beyond belief....

AJ was brave enough to say what most wouldn't dare say , that Sandy Hook was fake and staged from start to finnish ....
I would love you to go down there and have a chat with the bereaved parents. Tell them all about your cretinous shit.

Now we have morons here going through acrobatics of logic to find some justification to attack him .
If there was a case that could be proven, he'd be fine. He won't be, he's going to get his arse handed to him. It's just a big shame that internet twats are free to say what they like.

I don't suppose any of the posters have seriously examined the evidence which is overwhelming this was faked , planned years ahead ..

If AJ is backtracking now it maybe because the heat is too great , who can blame him?
Or maybe somebody called this gobshite's bluff and is now going to give him what he deserves!!
It is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. A proper truther will not hold a fixed, immovable opinion. They will assess all evidence, use logic, reason, critical thinking and position themselves accordingly. If new evidence contradicts and better explains their own, they will adapt. A truther is not afraid to be wrong and is certainly not afraid to change their position. A truther does not ignore contradictory evidence. GOT THAT!?
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