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Originally Posted by carma View Post
Strange or coincidence also that earlier today I was watching a travelling documentary on TV about India and at some point the Hansen disease was mentioned.
This disease is leprosy.
Searching for leprosy I found that a photo of Gandhi studying leprosy in 1940, is at the World Leprosy Day's wikipage

(Carma is a compination made by joining the first letters of my name and surname but with one letter missing from the right spelling.)
It sounds a bit like , but today I used and on that page I notice the following...

In 2004, Imperial Leather sponsored a theme park ride called The Flume which opened at Alton Towers.[7] Also, in 2006 The Bubbleworks was opened at Chessington World of Adventures sponsored by the company. Both rides have the same 'bath time with attitude' theme with many rubber ducks. Original Source, another PZ Cussons product sponsored a ride called Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park.
Maybe that's the Funfair link.

Carma is also nearly an anagram of Camera, I wonder if there might be a link to a , or maybe even , as in Cussons soap and inlaws?

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