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Originally Posted by freeworld88 View Post
This message is strictly for those who may be working for or serving the illuminati in any way, shape, or form. Regardless of what you believe, the destiny of humanity and of the universe for that matter CANNOT be changed no matter what you are told or led to believe. You are in league with the greatest deceiver of humanity who HATES you by all definitions. If you are doing it for power or money now, you will be eternally damned for this brief life of luxury and if that is worth it to you, then just be warned.

The universe is set up to ensure that the just and the positive win out in the end against ANY form of evil so take a good long moment to consider this and if you are at all concerned, change your philosophy and actions now before it is too late for you. You can still be saved, but you must come clean and work with the rest of this growing movement to change humanity and the world that we live in for the better. Expose the evil and help to defeat it finally, for once and for all!
really? where's the evidence? i've been around a long time and spent a lot of time observing nature up close and personal. its a nice sentiment and i really really wish it were so but really, there is no evidence to support such a claim.

the fittest survive. thats what i've seen. so to win against an adversary you just have to be fitter in the ways that are going to count. singing kumbya isn't helping.

to take it a step further your belief is that the universe is set up to ensure that the just and the positive win out in the end against ANY form of evil. if that is the case what are you even worried about. it will sort itself out. in fact, if that is the case, evil would not even exist. yet you would fight. why? and why would "evil" be destroyed once and for all? after all "good and evil" would have to be in balance. nature is all about balance and cycles that flow back and forth in balance. i might add that good and evil are really just points of view. to a deer wolves may be evil. wolves are not evil from my perspective. their relationship is one of balance. the experience is what it is.
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