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Originally Posted by freeworld88 View Post
This message is strictly for those who may be working for or serving the illuminati in any way, shape, or form. Regardless of what you believe, the destiny of humanity and of the universe for that matter CANNOT be changed no matter what you are told or led to believe. You are in league with the greatest deceiver of humanity who HATES you by all definitions. If you are doing it for power or money now, you will be eternally damned for this brief life of luxury and if that is worth it to you, then just be warned.

The universe is set up to ensure that the just and the positive win out in the end against ANY form of evil so take a good long moment to consider this and if you are at all concerned, change your philosophy and actions now before it is too late for you. You can still be saved, but you must come clean and work with the rest of this growing movement to change humanity and the world that we live in for the better. Expose the evil and help to defeat it finally, for once and for all!
Thats a Wonderful message

But the foe is not dangerous--------- their teachings are.So.IDENTIFY THEM!
So i ask people to really question their beliefes and where they come from.
when you get down to the nitty gritty :The luciferian doctrine: stands there shining Ohhhh the irony...Not many people are aware enough to see this doctrine seeping through in to their lives. because they have been caught in the net of ''consciousness'energy'law of attraction and everything pretty and nice.

The luciferian one world government has been brought to you by

1-alice bailey
2-helena Blavatsky
3-alister crowley
and is being pushed by the united nations
And their many many worshipers (there are plenty of them about just compare what they are teaching to the three above.

Now all the groups and individuals you guys hear about/follow ARE pushing the luciferian new age.
Open your eyes.

The enemy is big The lie even bigger.
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