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Default sorry to bump this highly uninteresting thread but

what's the problem with what I've written ? English not my birth tongue I precise, and that will be done.

I proposed that the so-called 'warming' not be one, that the climate was being 'globalizing' just like every aspect of the human life in the two past centuries. Is it Nature mimicking Mankind or the other way round I don't know, but it does make sense in some way, doesn't it ?

Then I proposed that the cause of such a climate globalization or standardisation be the disruption of the thermohaline circulation by the undersea nuclear tests in the Pacific, and I took as an illustration the exemple of a cocktail made of several layers in a glass. The layers hold in place because of the difference in the consistency of the liquids, which is the same undersea according to the salinity of water. So I concluded that since you couldn't remake the layers in the glass after having shaked the cocktail with a spoon, I saw no reason why we could restore the disrupted thermohaline circulation in the oceans. Does it make sense to anyone ?

as usually I'll be called an idiot and within a few months some famous scientist will come up with the same conclusion, write a book and won the Nobel Prize while I'll be still rotting in my cellar.
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