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Default One simple theory

that anyone will understand unless being a scientist.

They have disrupted the submarine currents, not only the Gulf Stream but by repercussion the all of them. As a consequence there is no more regulation of the climate, some that refuse to buy into the warming prefering to talk about change or disruption. Such a phenomenon is irreversible otherwise than by remaking the Earth starting from the big bang or whatever created our planet.

How did we do that ? There was only one way to freeze these currents, and it's by dint of doing again and again what the scientists thought had no effect on a global scale, or whether they knew but never cared. One submarine nuclear test means few or nothing, but two hundreds of them within restricted area and period of time can't but end up mixing warm and cold currents together into one. Such is the climate we're experiencing with ice meltdown at the poles and cold waves like we had never known before in tempered areas. Now the temperature differences that once kept the currents moving disappeared, which is why the freezing.

We're being witnessing the globalization of the climate, the outcome of which will be one single season everywhere. What will life on Earth feel like then ? That's what they're slowly getting us accustomed with by showing us apocalyptic-like atmospheric conditions in movies or video games.

Again it's irreversible. Dip a spoon into a cocktail and shake it, then try to remake the liquids into layers as they were before. You must empty your glass and make another drink.
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