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Originally Posted by fallen_starseed View Post
from stairway to heaven to highway to hell as it seems. They have given the world all the clues it needed. Each and every single prophecy has officialy been covered. Just that no one stated that the end times would actually be happening for over 20 years now. But this would be the end game either way.

In the middle of the apocalypse is what is happening now as all the antichrists have been activated. Besides the material advantages of a few, there is very little if any heaven to be found at the moment. No laws apply anymore, but it does get worse if one goes into the wrong and the ego willingly. That much is unfortunately true. Hold on to your soul, as it is all that has real worth in the end, and is the only form of joy that is real.
I believe we're being educated away from everything else except to be a workforce for the system, eating away at mother earth, teaching our children 'oooh the world's your oyster' fucking well isn't actually! That is a selfish pov, where anyone can see the planet in terms of what it can do for them and their ambitions.

I don't know about an 'antichrist' type vibratory body. One set of perceptions (all vibratory in nature) can simply blind the spirit, whereas a different set of perceptions can give it sight. The frequencies are the all important things to come to understand. They are the real idea of 'religion', imo.

In fact the stairway to heaven is a ladder, a set of ratios within the sea of vibration. A special doh reh meh that can elevate us into perceiving 'home', heaven.
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