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Originally Posted by stargategazer View Post
We are now in both heaven and hell......whatever we experience is of our own making.....maybe?
I tend to think that in some ways. I think many religious folks see them as real places that the spirit is sent.

Thing is, if we don't know where we are now, then we can't know anything else at all!

If heaven or hell is only a vibratory state of being, then can one create a permanent body for themselves, be it a heavenly body or a hell's body? Would those vibratory elements exists here? If a heavenly body is built on higher vibrations of love, and a hell's body on vibrations of hate, then what is death that sits in between? People apparently don't die in hell or heaven, but the state is said to be permanent.

Yet we obviously don't know how to love enough or hate enough to achieve either permanent state.

So are we at present living through a series of reincarnations, until we realize how to build either permanent state, thus finally avoiding death as a real physical experience?
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