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I've come to the conclusion there's little point engaging with Apollo deniers, Truthers, Flat Earthers, etc. because they have part of their brain missing. They are simply unable to assess facts and evidence which goes against their belief.

There have been plenty of academic studies of this cult-like behaviour and how it can be manipulated to treacherous ends, of which the hapless victims are unaware - until it's too late. (Just look up how this mind set is or was exploited by the likes of Le Pen, Erdogan, Mussolini, Stalin, etc.)

When people with strongly held beliefs are presented with contrary evidence, rather than change their minds they turn to cognitive consonance (the opposite of cognitive dissonance) by convincing others to support their erroneous views.

Of course there are also the trolls who don't believe a word of their BS, but like to chuckle at the hard of thinking who are so poorly educated that they lap all this garbage up and get on board...

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