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Moving on from all the background noise!

Number 7 and 8 This is an absolute gem. From the moment the Apollo 17 LRV is parked until well after the LM has taken off, including launch footage.....the camera transmits in one continuous piece of footage!!

Here we see Harrison Schmitt messing around outside the LM from distance, tossing a geology hammer. You can even see it glint as it flies across the Moon's surface.

Then shortly afterwards, continuous, we see the bloody LM launch!!

That one is aligned with the onboard camera, shows tiny craters at ground level and craters the same screen width at thousands of feet altitude. We see bits of Kapton foil flying across the surface. Still waiting for St Jimmy to explain how big the magic simulator was. Any chance of anyone explaining in a million years how they overlaid the astronauts onto the magic 1972 launch footage?

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