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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
The truth is never wrong
Two posts on this thread ..both off topic and nowhere near addressing the OP.

The truth is we went to the Moon manned 9 times. Six times we landed. We left science experiments there that transmitted data back for a considerable time. We left laser reflectors there in 3 places. We brought back 842lbs of verified lunar samples including 3m core tubes. These have been verified by thousands of geologists around the world. We have 50 hours of surface video that shows unfakeable lunar gravitational motion. We have thousands of images that match surface topography exactly. We have untold pictures from LROC showing the landing sites.

The truth continues.....nothing presented as hoax material stands up to scrutiny from anyone who has even scant intelligence.

The truth know nothing whatsoever about the complexity of the missions and the verifiability You know nothing about any of the relevant sciences. You fail to respond to any of the evidence. You rely on debunked shite and lack the skill set to understand.

That was the truth and it wasn't wrong
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