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Originally Posted by alisa2 View Post
Basic income for everyone is only going to encourage the poor and stupid to have more children.

"I wanted to make a video on why I don't have kids. Now this is an extensive topic so I'll try to cover quite a few things, but I can't cover everything so the first thing I want to say is that for the average person the way things are in the Western current Western society and American society have made it impossible financially for any thinking person to have kids. Why? Because marrying and having kids is a certain financial disaster for any average person. There are two exceptions and those two exceptions are the people who have kids--the first exception is the poor and stupid. Now when people are stupid they don't think about anything at all for the most part. They can't plan ahead, they can't financially manage their affairs therefore those people have kids, because they just don't think about anything—they like to screw. "
Either give us back the commons or give us a basic income in lieu of it, that's the choice.
As for stupidity, if people were more wealthy their level of intelligence would improve, because poverty leads to a vicious cycle of poor decision making.

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