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Part 11

Tim O'Reilly's book "WTF?" was also recommended by Google's Chief Economist HAL VARIAN.

Google co-founder LARRY PAGE supported UBI, as did his personally selected employee the famed futurist and computer scientist RAY KURZWEIL who predicted a trans-humanist future where the human race is more machine than biological man, hooked up to a computer network.

Facebook co-founder CHRIS HUGHES advocated a modified UBI aimed at poorer workers, and funded by the rich and/or a carbon tax. See his 2018 book "Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn".

Moving towards the 'right wing' (or centre right), the ADAM SMITH INSTITUTE is a leading think tank that promotes the 'free market' and 'neoliberal' thinking. In 2018 it appeared to support UBI by publishing a pro-UBI report by the ex-chairman of BIEN FINLAND: OTTO LEHTO.

Swinging back to the left/centre left, the Fabian Society has always had UBI advocates, e.g. H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw. Wells may have been aware of the rise of leisure time, as seen in his novel "The Time Machine" in which the time traveller encounters a human species (The ELOI) who live a lazy, unconcerned, lifestyle.

Wells and his science collaborator JULIAN HUXLEY (brother of ALDOUS and the inaugural UNESCO Director) took an interest in the work of the pro-UBI youth leader and anti-fascist JOHN HARGRAVE, who took an interest in Theosophy. Hargrave met MAJOR CLIFFORD HUGH DOUGLAS who proposed a SOCIAL CREDIT. Hargrave's sci-fi story "The Imitation Man" (1931) is about an android with telepathic powers that link human minds to create a collective global hive mind. Part 12 below.
Part 12 below.

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