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Originally Posted by tajas View Post
Can you please inform us what constitutes this thread?

Surely we decide what is valid on our own thread?

Is it there for it's members and users?,

Or solely as venue for the mods to vent their frustration
and play power games?

No of us dare post here anymore.

The mods role, I would think, is to prevent bickering and fighting
among the thread's members, and to remove any offensive or
legally dubious material? Fini.

Are you going to go back to the beginning and remove all Anders'
chit chat?

I would have thought the thread's members were capable of deciding
what is, or is not, on topic. Without them, there is no thread.
Every thing is related as this topic invades every part of our lives. Politics education health royalty, finance military sport. TV newspapers books music media and we cant forget religion. So to me nothing should be off topic. Unless its a shill or people coming in an abusing other posters.
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