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In fairness to electric sheep, I have logged into the chatroom (which I didn't know existed until this morning) and it would be the perfect place for us all to do our transcribing exercises without clogging up the thread. Chat is allowed in there and the personal banter would have been permissable (and given us a chortle whilst squinting at the words).

Perhaps we should ask for our own room so that we can keep everything together when we are working on line as a team.

It would give us the opportunity to save everything at the end of chat (so that we can think through the suggested words / options that the transcribers have come up with (all in one place so that we don't have to flick back through pages and pages of other excellent on-going research).

Our own 'JS/wide-spread paedophilia' chat room wouldn't cut anyone out if it is handled correctly. I would hate anyone to feel or be left out. But for the more practical tasks, where a little bit of personal humour and banter is necessary to keep the troops motivated, it would IMO be an ideal solution.

I hope that this post is not deemed as 'off topic' and is removed. We have to have a common place to discuss the potential positive use of a DI chatroom.
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