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Originally Posted by forydalynclwyd View Post
The tap is a good place to start:-

There is a chart on here referencing ROYAL HAEMOPHILIA.

Also type in ROTHSCHILD HAEMOPHILIA there appears to be a strong network in France of clinics/ centres specialising in it.

I read it was Al Gore who had supplies of blood, I have noticed that QEII, PHIL,KISSINGER,OLD MAN BUSH,THATCHER all have been in to hospital in recent weeks for a couple of days.

This whole area is either at the centre of SAVILE and his knowledge or on the periphery. Cycling= blood doping=lance armstrong=SAVILE= Leeds University Research (L.U.R.E) = NASA= Weightlessness experiments and drug production.

I think we know something, I think they all know that we know something, Its just that above a certain level all that know may not break ranks.

To prove that we know that they know something we only have to examine the EQUINE world or Kennel Club. Two areas that have produced BLOODLINES,and pure bred and thorough bred breeding to scientific precision.

Can some one really come on here and say that the ELITE have channelled a couple of hundred years worth of energy and research into dogs and horses but hadn`t realised that it might be quite significant to mankind for them to invest in to human research?
Very interesting - thanks

I have a personal link of sorts to the royal/elite obsession with dog breeding, so that particularly resonates, and a point very well made. Good summary of some other links I think.

Then there is Charles' very public interest in rare breed livestock (on TV just last week) and his organic farming and produce. Funny his Duchy stuff is too expensive for most people to buy eh, you might think if he cared about the rest of the nation he'd make it affordable?

As for the Daily Mail, they publish the most unbelievable stuff online that you don't get anywhere else (like the vampire facials), it's a must-visit for me!

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