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Default Vladimir Putin is a MASON!!!

I am watching "Jordan Maxwell - Basic Slide Presentation.avi" and in this video Jordan is saying that double square is a Masonic sign.

I remember that on old Icke forum there was a discussion about this subject.
someone posted picture of Masonic double square in Putin's airplane (i think it was a mirror frame in that shape) so this indicates to me that Putin is just another Mason, playing the role of "good guy" whilst the Western Masons are playing the role of "evil guys".

And, with his KGB links I will not be surprised. Hey, even Gorbachev was a mason, for sure, so why would ex-KGB chief be an exception?
And, can a non-mason even go that far in any important organization?

if someone can post double square -- that would be great.

more i think of this more i am convinced that masonic fingers are everywhere where matters, no matter what country.

And, Masonic double eagle, on Russian coat of arms should be another clue.

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