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Originally Posted by ronisron View Post
Avoiding what? You mean like impossibilities in one second? So all of the films that you yourself may use as "proof": in another scenario are faked? Well, that takes care of one hoax who relies heavily on those films..... However James Files confession does not rely on the strength of any film. Here we have a confession by a man, who the FBI places at the scene. The films don't corroborate or deny that.

Have you got any proof that James Files confession is a hoax? That's a hell of an assertion to make with no proof.

Oh, and BTW, I just disagree with your thread, and I'm offering my opinion. I'm not cutting and pasting from some old tired hoax blogspot or something, I'm just wanting to see some proof from the OP as to this being a hoax.
Let me make things very clear please, you can disagree all you want, you keep avoiding my questions, typical the contrary would surprise me.

You take the word of a convict against science and logic?
I am not talking about the movie you keep going back to the movie, I asked you to answer my questions you keep denying without answering them which means you are not just disagreeing with my thread.

Am I talking about Greer here? The thread read James Files hoax, Ok?
so prove to me that isn't a hoax, not by answering the question, James Files said.

Stop derailing the thread please, you are not answering my questions, all you're doing is going back to the driver's theory this is NOT a driver's theory thread.

Can you give me evidence without a shadow of a doubt that James Files did shoot Kennedy that day?
I am not interested in your opinion or anyone's I am interested in facts here.

Can you explain how did the bullet get into the forehead?
Can you explain the gaping exit wound?
Can you provide any evidence that suggest James Files is the assassin?

If you can good if not please stop filling up the thread with your opinion.

Thank you
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