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Originally Posted by ronisron View Post
Yes but do you have any proof that James Files is a hoax? Just wondering. Supposition, and photos emphasizing supposition, are not proof. This is not so easily debunked, like that greer Hoax that's floating around.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you're waiting for a confession, or the original of the zapruder film, my guess you're going to wait a longtime

That one is easy to dismiss, because what these folks claim is a gun, is actually a reflection off of Kellerman's head.
The only people who think it's easy to dismiss are usually coming from a very biased point of view.
Angles, and geometry don't lie, some people do.

There is supposedly another film with a better view, but I've seen that... still no gun, and all it shows is the event in real time, which sort of eliminates the impossible scenario from the "reality" category and puts it in the "BS" one.
There are a lot of things the Zapruder film doesn't show, just take a look at the images and the various versions of the film they all have different colors, purply, greeny, bleuish etc.. the real version is hidden somewhere I don't go by the film I go by the law of physics, logic, eyewitnesses, nose witnesses.

One second to drive, draw, aim, fire, withdraw and drive again. All that Nix film does is show that there wasn't much cut out of that particular portion of the Zapruder film. It's too bad it's unclear because it would be a great comparison to the shots where the blood spray was added to the Zapruder frames.
Who said one second? Zapruder film if you're basing all your arguments on the zapruder films that you have seen just forget it.

William Raymond did say that the limo had stopped when he saw the copy of the original.
In all the zapruder films that are available on the internet today, none of them shows the motorcade stopping, so and you expect to see a hand gun clear as a day in his hand?
Heavily tampered with, the crucial bits have been removed, images have been added, like when the motorcade turns from Houston to Elm street where that footage?
When you look at the still images there is a bunch of people standing motionless, does that seem natural? Nobody is taking pictures, nobody is waving?

Hey, I'm not suggesting the OP is foolish enough to believe in the Greer hoax or anything like that, I'm just saying that they have no proof that James Files is a hoax. Just an opinion.
The James Files Hoax, the thread here is called the James Files Hoax not the Greer Hoax.

Now coming to your James Files, that is so hard to dismiss:

First the man can remember biting a bullet, but can't remember if the limo stopped, yeah? The man who blew JFK's head off can't remember if the motorcade stopped or slowed down?

Second, Vernon who was the driving force behind this whole scam pulled out, you think anyone who knows that the story is genuine is likely to pull out when he is close in solving the crime of the century?

The angle that J.Files was positioned not him or anybody else could have shot JFK in the head.
There is evidence all over to prove that JFK had a bullet hole on his forehead, and a gaping exit wound the size of grape fruit.

16 eye witnesses at parkland hospital confirmed that.
Now I want you and all the people who are pushing the knoll shooter to explain to me how.

JFK's head almost facing his wife and the shooter managed to penetrate the forehead with a bullet.

I am not just saying it because it's J. Files I am saying it, that nobody from the knoll took that shot.

And that is why I say J. Files is lying, and if he was shot from the rear the entire forehead area will explode forward!!
Now if you want to continue in this charade please do.
As I stopped posting on his thread because he calls it a spam, I don't want him here spamming either.

If the shot came from the knoll, the head would have an exit wound on his left side, which none found, the left hand side is intact.

You keep claiming he used a super mercury loaded bullet, which I call a super magic bullet, even better than the WC one, that travels and stops in mid way to turn left to enter his forehead.

It was designed to explode on impact without exiting ?
What caused the exit wound at the back then?
Now you want ridicule the Greer theory fine, but don't insult my intelligence with the J.Files bullshit.

Evidence presented after he'd been taken to Bethesda naval hospital.
I wonder why he was moved there to start with.
When you can answer these questions you're welcome to come back and post.

If we as human only believe what we see, then we will be deceived everytime, it's not because you can't see something that means
You would dismiss a whole theory that has more logical explanation and that's why we use science too, than some lunatic, 30 years later he suddenly appears out of nowhere he is the assassin.

After everybody who was linked to the assassination either directly or indirectly has been murdered.
Sam Giancana and manhy other guys who had more power, more influence, more money, they didn't think of a safety blanket, but a low life miserable plonker of a convict has the safety blanket, Bill Cooper spend thousands of pound on insurance policy and they got rid of him, James Files is the untouchable ? And you want me to even consider his pathetic lies?

I am not blaming the man, he was put to this to make money for himself and the people behind him.
it's nothing but a big scam.
Knowledge requires wisdom

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