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Yes but do you have any proof that James Files is a hoax? Just wondering. Supposition, and photos emphasizing supposition, are not proof. This is not so easily debunked, like that greer Hoax that's floating around. That one is easy to dismiss, because what these folks claim is a gun, is actually a reflection off of Kellerman's head. There is supposedly another film with a better view, but I've seen that... still no gun, and all it shows is the event in real time, which sort of eliminates the impossible scenario from the "reality" category and puts it in the "BS" one. One second to drive, draw, aim, fire, withdraw and drive again. All that Nix film does is show that there wasn't much cut out of that particular portion of the Zapruder film. It's too bad it's unclear because it would be a great comparison to the shots where the blood spray was added to the Zapruder frames.

Hey, I'm not suggesting the OP is foolish enough to believe in the Greer hoax or anything like that, I'm just saying that they have no proof that James Files is a hoax. Just an opinion.
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