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Post The James Files Hoax

For many years now, we all been bombarded by the promoting of yet another fabricated theory, maybe because the PTB realised that nobody buys the warren commission anymore so they had to push another theory that would look like a conspiracy theory, little by little the people out there will believe it.

And give up any further investigation, far too many flaws with this theory.

First James files claims to have shot Kennedy from the grassy knoll, which the Xray disagrees with the right temple shot.

It shows a clear bullet hole on the right of JFK's forehead NOT the TEMPLE but the forehead.

The press secretary Killduff has pointed to the forehead when he made the statement, many Dr confirmed it too (Eye witnesses)

Now after JFK suffered his throat wound, which appears to have come from the knoll, at the time he was shot, JFK was looking to his right which makes sense, I don't have any problems with the knoll shooter.

According to some witnesses they saw what looked like a strange figure in the knoll area, which matches the description of David Ferrie (Now dead)
Not of J.Files ( Still Alive)

Now at the time of the fatal shot, Kennedy was leaning to his left which anyone can see clearly that it is practically impossible for anyone, James Files or James Coburn to have shot him from the knoll, simple Geometry can shows that it is geometrically impossible.

Now they came up with mercury loaded bullet that was designed to explode on impact, which we know it still doesn't match what the X ray shows.

There is a bullet hole and there is an exit wound on the rear right of JFK's skull.

Now let's take the trajectory of the bullet how can a bullet travelling from his right while his head turned to his left and yet the bullet finds its way to the front of his forehead?

This one beats the warren commission's theory, with their super magic bullet.

Because it actually stops in mid way to enter JFK's forehead.

James Files can't remember if the car has stopped or slowed down?
Now a shooter who has a victim in his scope can't remember such an important detail??

When you tell them that he's lying through his teeth, they claim we give him the benefit of the doubt.
No, he is a liar he was put to mislead people again, because this case is getting bigger than ever before.

Now it's not the FBI or any government officials who are investigating it, it's the people so in order to confuse people and give them something to chew for the next 40 years, until everybody involved is dead an buried.

This theory is been promoted all over the place, there is a whole website dedicated to this particular theory, why? Because there is money to make out of it.

It is pathetic, and that is one of the reasons this case has lasted that long.

The shot has come from the front, not the right front, there is a difference there.
If people don't believe the Greer story? Fine then find who shot him from the front, but it cannot be from the knoll.

The knoll theory is out of the picture, the J.Files theory is really a story nothing else.

There is more evidence to suggest that the man is lying because he was put forward by other people, you can tell he was filled in the wrong details.

Telling the story that Nicoletti

Shot him from the rear? This is also bonkers because there was NO entry point, it was and still is an exit wound.

We need to stick to the evidence of the first witnesses after that everything was tampered with, as soon as the body was moved to Bethesda naval hospital.

Kilduff indicates Frontal Shot to JFK Head


I am supposed to believe him?

Yes before he lost his innocence an FBI agent shaking hand with one of the conspirators.

They had to come up with this idea two shots simultaneously hit Kennedy in the head. Wow one 1/10 of a second apart.
Because they need to explain "The gaping exit wound" so they had to manufacture something.

And all the so called evidence, was fabricated well after the assassination, so .. like the bite on the bullet, and so on..
He can't remember if the car has stopped or slowed down but he can remember leaving a bullet case with his signature on it LOL

This is really funny, and some guys here are pushing this steam full ahead.

When you point out the flaws they call a moderator and accuse you of trolling how can I be trolling when I am pointing out the flaws and ask for answers?

Anyway, little Geometry won't hurt anyone, the bullet came from the grassy knoll?
How did it find its way to the front of JFK's skull "Super magic bullet again?"

X-rays don't lie, people do.

As you can see the XS-ray shows the small bullet hole over the right eye. NOT in the temple area, as J.Files and his goons want us to believe.

You can make up your own minds.
Knowledge requires wisdom

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