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'Male sex deficit': Meet the woman claiming female financial autonomy has undermined men's love life
The outspoken sociologist talks to The Independent about feminism, immigration and the difference between men and women
Rachel [email protected]_hosie
6 hours ago

Sociologist Dr Catherine Hakim is nothing if not controversial. She’s known for her strong views, and even just from the few emails we exchange to set up an interview, I can tell she’s not going to be swayed by my arguments.

Hakim’s argument is that there’s a fundamental gap between men’s and women’s libido, and it’s getting worse - hence the male sex deficit.

“There’s a massive – not big, not small but massive – difference between men and women in sexual motivation, sexual desire and sexual interest,” she tells The Independent.

Men are three times more likely to have frequent sexual fantasies, to use erotica of all kinds and to masturbate regularly than women, according to Hakim.

And Hakim, author of The New Rules: Economies of Desire, says this gap increasing for three reasons:
Firstly: The economic independence of women
Secondly: The imbalanced sex ratio in the population

According to Hakim, we are now facing a six per cent surplus of males for two reasons: fewer men are dying in wars and immigration is skewing the sex ratio, she controversially claims.

“Immigrants are always young males who are looking for a better life,” she says. “They may call themselves asylum seekers but they are actually economic migrants looking for a better life, and the majority of them are young men.”
Thirdly: Sex surveys

But Hakim argues that once you hit 30, sex drive falls off a cliff for women (although “some women have a new sexual flowering after the menopause”), and this is where the sex gap rears its head.

It’s not all about age though - according to Hakim, it’s two or three years into a relationship that women start initiating sex less and less, which leads men to lose interest.

So if there is a fundamental and innate difference in sex drives, does that mean that men and women are essentially sexually incompatible?

There are two options, according to Hakim:

“One is you have sex a lot more than when you would personally instigate it. The other is you can’t possibly object to a partner either having affairs or going to people in the sex industries,” she suggests.

Neither sound like great solutions - either you have sex when you don’t want to or you let your partner have affairs?

“Well if you’re not interested in sex, why are you bothered? If you’re simply not interested in sex, it’s irrelevant isn’t it?” Hakim responds.

read full article here
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