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Originally Posted by the nine View Post
In fairness the thread is titled with moon hoax in it so there is no thread hijacking going on here, it's totally on topic
In fairness? You? I have yet to see one single post from you where you had the balls to concede or agree with me.

It is specifically about how Kubrick supposedly did it The irony is that the video quoted was a confessed actor doing it. Any discussion not connected to Kubrick doing this impossible hoax is off all fairness
Originally Posted by Jay Windley
Never underestimate the power of the Internet to lend unwarranted credibility to the colossally misinformed.
Originally Posted by sts60
The funny thing is that such credophiles see themselves as sharp-eyed piercers of the veil, too sophisticated to be taken in by fakery. But they fall for almost anything that feeds into their convictions.
An analysis of Apollo Landing Sites. Truther: Search for truth means not defending a belief system at all costs! It means not ignoring solid contradictions.
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