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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Nope, you. It means you make stupid claims and know bugger all about anything related to space travel then or now.

Nope, it appears you have hijacked this Kubrick thread into another idiotic hoax thread.

I did already, people ignored it as usual.

In response to your off topic rambling.

Yep. Rock solid.

They show evidence for low gravity formation. They contain micrometeorite impacts, strong exterior helium-3 and weaker interior helium-3. They also contain other solar isotopes from unprotected solar bombardment. They have no terrestrial weathering or fusion crusts, they cannot be meteorites for a number of reasons, or Earth rocks for a number more.

Ergo, and agreed by the many thousands of geologists over 50 years, they come from the Moon from the Apollo missions.


Ahhhh, now you see there most certainly is! We're back to this no knowledge problem thing. The Apollo missions shot their EVA footage in video format which had to be transmitted down S-band comms. The bandwidth and speed limitations and the early video cameras gave a reasonable picture on the later missions.

But during the missions, they also shot CINE film and that is top quality:

Thanks for sharing your extensive knowledge
In fairness the thread is titled with moon hoax in it so there is no thread hijacking going on here, it's totally on topic
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