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Originally Posted by polyhedron View Post
Cannot escape from where? Do you think the gravity of the sun stops them from escaping? Really, that’s a first,and what special rule do gamma waves abide by that the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum doesn’t?
Does the word google confuse you?

"Although the Sun produces gamma rays as a result of the nuclear-fusion process, internal absorption and thermalization convert these super-high-energy photons to lower-energy photons before they reach the Sun's surface and are emitted out into space. As a result, the Sun does not emit gamma rays from this process, but it does emit gamma rays from solar flares."

As I said no major solar flares Apollo.

My guess work about the sun does not interest you, and apparently that’s funny? Well, thank you for crediting me with the idea, but even my over inflated sense of grandeur doesn’t quite permit me to take such credit. I don’t suppose you’ve read anything about the electric universe? Na, didn’t think so. Ah, go back to your clockwork train set.
Listen carefully, I've been involved in numerous bullshit electrickery universe threads. I don't have a train set, but I do have an arse kicking set though.
Originally Posted by Jay Windley
Never underestimate the power of the Internet to lend unwarranted credibility to the colossally misinformed.
Originally Posted by sts60
The funny thing is that such credophiles see themselves as sharp-eyed piercers of the veil, too sophisticated to be taken in by fakery. But they fall for almost anything that feeds into their convictions.
An analysis of Apollo Landing Sites. Truther: Search for truth means not defending a belief system at all costs! It means not ignoring solid contradictions.
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