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Originally Posted by baboshka1 View Post
I know OP does not mention its a hoax, I thought I mention it because of all the other hoaxes that have happend these past few years.
False flag not sure, experiment perhaps or just some mindless game for THEM.
Was a sad day and many lost thier lives and alot of bullshit, cover ups.
Terrible day. I remember it well. However, THEY took control of the sport I loved and grew up with and turned it into sky's own little money making machine.

Increased security, all seater stadia, sanitary games played over and over in replays like a video game (ushering in a holographic / VR existence?), people controlling people (Icke says even sheep need dogs to be controlled!!) pre-booking of tickets (further control of your movements and actions) and much more...

And whilst all of this was being silently implemented the focus was on the 'cover-up' by the police and the false accusations of the sun of the scouse fans. (the sun owned by murdoch incites football fans, whilst sky owned by murdoch slips in and controls our game...)

THESE are a few points why I think it's a false flag event and not a hoax. IMO FF events REAL people get hurt to further the agenda e.g. 9/11, 7/7, madrid train bombs, hillsboro' etc... whereas hoaxes bombing, sandy hook, pulse are mass staged events
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