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Unhappy areas of natural beauty targeted?

Has anybody picked up on the disproportionately high number of applications in National Parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty?
In the UK, the latest one is Fernhurst.

Here is a very sad case (so take care that is doesn't get you in a slump). A woman is forced to sell her dream farm for a pittance to her neighbour after he leases his land for Fracking.
That's what our natural springs look like. It sits on top of the water, it doesn't mix, like oil or methane - I don't know what it is, but that's the same stuff I see in my barn.

This land has no lease on it and we are the only people around here like that. So if Donny can get 230 for my house; I am not giving mine away for 215! I'm not giving it away Bob! If word gets out at 225, we'll still have some interest, but it's gonna tamper the interest. I'm not gonna walk out of here with my T-shirt and Jeans and that's it! 'Cos I didn't start this Fracking war y'know. I'm telling ya. I didn't start it and I shouldn't have to pay for it. An' I'm not gonna walk out of here flat broke because my stupid neighbours decided they want to make a dollar.

I can't help but wonder what the consequences of large conurbations becoming massively devalued is? Presumably we're looking at another large scale financial crash? Are we all going to be migrating to Bulgaria?
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