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Anyone located in london? Matthew delooze will hold a 3-4 hour talk in swedenborg hall on 19th maj at 1.00 pm . The Low Entrance fee of 5 pounds despite the includation of free biscuits and refreshments will leave you in no doubt that matthew is not in it for the money!.

Matthew believes he speaks 100% truth or he would never write the stuff he do.
Having slaved as a constructer worker for 20+years he´s definatley not an airy fairy dreamer and he calls a spade a spade.

I recently find out that he have begun posting a few articles on a blog that he recently created. Prior to that he had a website with 60+ articles but it got shut down. He will upload alll his articles to a booksite as a pdf compendium(free of charge!) soon so i suggest you subscribe to his mailing list if you are intrested in obtaining them once they gEt released. ´
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