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Originally Posted by neutrino View Post
Snakes/Serpents are the only animal I'm aware of that wraps itself around it's prey and imprisons their prey and crushes them so they can't get out so I think it stands to reason why the serpent is so symbolic in the world since we're in a prison and trapped as if in a coiled serpent.
I don't think snake/serpent symbolism has anything to do with us being ruled by serpents/Reptilians, it's just a good and adequate piece of symbolism to symbolise imprisonment and entrapment.
Did you think it was just a coincidence that Bank of America's Acronym is "BOA" as in the Boa Constrictor snake species known for slowly squeezing the life out of its victims with every breath they take.

Very interesting post OP. I am a comic book fan, and I assure you i shall never look at the Superman Emblem the same ever again. I was aware rather young that S in the Superman emblem did look weird looking "s".
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