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Originally Posted by berten60 View Post
You went "Harder",that was YOUR choice,don't blame cannabis for that.
This is about freedom of personal choice AND taking responsibility for it.
And,yes, I do mention the owner of this site,who also advocates this principle.

And oppose cannabis all you like but...
Why would i bother with someone out to limit other people's freedom of choice,
and being proud of it.

Yes it was my choice. But it was on an illegal market. Everyone I knew (in those days) who took all drugs started their illegal drug taking with cannabis. Now I'm wise enough to find out, whichever junkie I come across, what started their shit lives. It is ALWAYS alcohol first. Then cannabis. Don't you see?

WE CANNOT EVEN HANDLE THE ALCOHOL PROBLEM. It's obvious. And I'm impartial. I have no dog in this fight. Alcohol is as big a problem as every other drug. My drug of choice is legal. You're advocating the legalisation of something illegal.

Where then berten60? Do coke heads get a raw deal (no pun intended), do heroin addicts feel isolated?

I don't want to limit your freedom of choice. You have the same choices I do. But you want me to accept changes to my life. You want me to accept the legalisation of a drug that I KNOW has it's own problems. Legalisation is a slippery slope. Where does it end?

Unless you want to abolish government and all types of control. Then what? Anarchy? Then the strong overcome the weak? Order is made out of chaos?

Then right back where we are now. With you at the top of the tree, no doubt limiting my freedom of choice to say that drug is a disaster and should be banned.
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