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Originally Posted by heartbeatsalute View Post
So the Vatican and the CIA, have been together since the very start?
OP have they joined powers since the 80's perhaps?
After all the Vatican is a State, and the Pope a politician, with vote in the U.N.
They've certainly been working partners since the beginning. And both collaborated together on Operation Paperclip to ensure that the remnants of the Third Reich would be quietly assimilated into the United States.

As to the ties between Nazi Germany and the Vatican:

1) Adolf Hitler was born to devoutly Roman Catholic parents. He was enrolled in the school and choir of a Roman Catholic monastery, where he received outstanding grades. He was confirmed as a Roman Catholic at the age of fifteen. He would later say that he partially modeled the Nazi Party after the Jesuit Order and that there was nothing more grandiose on the planet than the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. He said that he saw Heinrich Himmler as the Ignatius Loyola (Founder of the Jesuits) of the party. It is said that Hitler wrote Mein Kampf with the help of Bernhardt Staempfle, a Jesuit priest.

2) Hitler was brought to power through Ludwig Kaas, a Roman Catholic priest who headed the Zentrum (Roman Catholic Party).

3) Hitler's closest adviser, Martin Bormann, had a son who would later become a Jesuit priest.

4) Heinrich Himmler was the head of the SS, which was strictly modeled after the Jesuit Order. Himmler was Roman Catholic and came from a Roman Catholic family. His father was a strict, authoritarian Roman Catholic schoolmaster. His uncle was a Jesuit priest, and also occupied a sensitive position in the SS.

5) Walter Schellenberg, who headed Foreign Intelligence for the Third Reich, was Roman Catholic. Reinhard Gehlen, who headed eastern intelligence, was Roman Catholic and a member of the Knights of Malta. Gehlen was honored by the Vatican with the Lateran Cross. He was one of those brought into the United States by the Vatican and the CIA as part of Operation Paperclip.

6) Franz von Papen was the Vice-Chancellor of Nazi Germany. He helped bring Hitler to power. He was Roman Catholic and a member of the Knights of Malta. He held the title "papal chamberlain" at the Vatican.

7) Joseph Goebbels was Roman Catholic and brought up in a strict Roman Catholic family. He went to a Jesuit college.

And, of course, virtually all of Hitler's significant allies were Roman Catholic. Mussolini and Franco were both devout members of the church. Mussolini was a Knight of Malta, and his closest adviser was a Jesuit priest. Some of Franco's advisers belonged to Opus Dei. It is interesting that both Hitler and Mussolini had extensive past ties to British Intelligence, as did Stalin.
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