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Originally Posted by alf hearted View Post
So how come there are directors you don't have information on? Were they more secretive than the ones whose details you've listed?
You can do a detailed investigation into each of these men by plugging their names into a search engine:

William Donovan was the founder of the CIA. He was a devout Roman Catholic who came from a Roman Catholic family that associated with the Rowley family. From the Rowley family came Francis Rowley (a Jesuit priest) and James Rowley, who headed Secret Service at the time President John F. Kennedy was assassinated (under the supervision of Treasury Director C. Douglas Dillon, a Rockefeller associate). Donovan's brother, Vincent, became a Roman Catholic priest of the Dominican Order. He, himself, became a powerful Wall Street lawyer. He began his intelligence career by serving as a spy for J.P. Morgan. He and his family were anglophiles (in the Morgan spirit). His close friend, Sir William Stephenson, was the head of British Intelligence. Stephenson recommended his forming of the CIA. Donovan was schooled by the Jesuits and belonged to the Knights of Malta. David Icke's readers will recognize these "Roman Catholic" secret societies that seek the furtherance of the Illuminati-controlled Vatican's political power and secretly practice satanism (many of them are Freemasons). The Rothschilds have handled the Vatican's money for centuries. Many top officials of the Vatican (including Popes) are Freemasons and an obelisk (a symbol of Masonic power) stands in St. Peter's Square (a very Masonic symbol). The Vatican is filled with symbolism that reflects it's roots in the Illuminist teachings of the mystery schools. Donovan would later become a member of the Bilderberg Group, one of the secret societies of the wealthy elite. It is a front for the Illuminati. One of it's co-founders would serve as the CIA director before Allen Dulles.

Vice Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter was the first CIA director and was a member of Majestic Twelve, the top-level governmental group heading research/investigations into the UFO phenomenon.

Walter Bedell Smith was the second director of the CIA and a co-founder of the Bilderberg Group with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (Black Nobility, Knight of Malta, 33rd Degree Freemason, and former Nazi SS officer) and, chiefly, Joseph Retinger (Knight of Malta, 33rd Degree Freemason), who was trained by the Jesuits for three months at their Novitiate in Rome. By some accounts, Retinger was secretly ordained a Jesuit and/or became an agent of the Papacy. He would play the central role in the founding of the Bilderberg Group, with Smith and Prince Bernhard in the background. He served in the State Department under John Foster Dulles (Secretary of State), a member of the internationalist Wall Street elite, a co-founder of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a key participant in the creation of Nazi Germany, and a lawyer for the Rockefeller family. Dulles' son (Avery Dulles) belonged to the Jesuit Order, the most powerful secret society in the Roman Catholic Church. The Jesuit General (also known as the "Black Pope") is the real power behind the activities of the Illuminati's Vatican. Donovan (and many CIA directors to come) were tied to the Vatican's secret societies. Dulles' brother, Allen, was a Knight of Malta and also a co-founder of the CFR. He also participated in the construction of Nazi Germany and, with his brother, represented the Rockefeller family. Dulles would succeed Smith as the CIA director. Smith was involved with United Fruit, which Dulles (Allen) sat on the board of and owned shares of. He served in the State Department under Dulles (John Foster). He was succeeded as CIA director by Dulles (Allen).

Allen W. Dulles was the third director of the CIA and the first civilian director. He belonged to the Knights of Malta, the Freemasons, and the Pilgrims Society. He co-founded the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) with his brother and others. He would later become the first person to be appointed to the board of the CFR after it's inception. He would later become a secretary to the group, which was financed/influenced in part by the Rockefeller family. Dulles was a lawyer for the Rockefellers. He was connected through Wall Street to the Harriman brothers (a wealthy internationalist power themselves) and their closest associate, Prescott Bush (who really initiated the Bush dynasty). Bush and the Harrimans all belonged to the Order of Skull & Bones. Dulles' nephew was a Jesuit priest. His uncles and aunts held influential positions in the government. Dulles and his brother were active members of the Illuminati. Dulles organized hundreds of coups, oversaw the initiation of media manipulation programs (Mockingbird) and mind control experiments (MKULTRA). He was deeply involved (along with Prescott Bush's son) in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy and held an influential seat on the commission that whitewashed the investigation of the hit. He was also deeply involved in the operation that secretly transferred hundreds of Nazi war criminals to the United States (Paperclip), where they were merged into the intelligence community, space agency, and the defense industry. Dulles (along with a number of other top "cold war" officials) belonged to a group within the CIA known as the "Knights Templar", the name of an earlier Illuminati secret society.

John A. McCone was the fourth director of the CIA. He belonged to the Knights of Malta and had worked at a Jesuit university (Loyola University) in Los Angeles. He was involved in the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, which was a localized version of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The Dallas branch of the World Affairs Council was organized by Neil Mallon, who had previously been a high-ranking member of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs. Mallon was a member of the Order of Skull & Bones and a close friend of Allen Dulles. Mallon recruited for the CIA at the time when Dulles was recruiting for it. Mallon was a close confidant of the Bush family, having gained the name "Uncle Neil" from Prescott Bush's son (George H.W Bush). Mallon was appointed to head Dresser Industries (a defense contractor that would later become a CIA front) under the supervision of Bush (who served on it's board). Mallon relocated Dresser Industries to Dallas and started the council there. He obtained a visit from Allen Dulles to the council on one occasion. Members included George DeMohrenschildt (the Russian CIA/Army-Intelligence operative who was the JFK assassination patsy Lee Oswald's best friend and likely CIA handler), Abraham Zapruder (the 33rd Degree Freemason and "dress manufacturer" who filmed the assassination), Col. Robert Storey (who served as the liaison between the Warren Commission and Texas law enforcement), T.E. Brainiff (an airline industry pioneer and a member of the Knights of Malta), Fred Florence (who founded the Republic National Bank, who operated an office tower in Dallas that served as a covert repository for ventures connected to the CIA), Fred Wooten (an official of the First National Bank of Dallas, which employed George H.W Bush between his years as CIA director and vice president), and Gen. Robert J. Smith (a longtime cold-war intelligence operative and the chair of a Washington entity looking for "strategic resources" such as oil). The case study of the Dallas branch of the World Affairs Council reveals their true purpose. They are local branch offices of internationalist Illuminati activity.

Richard Helms was the sixth CIA director. He was the grandson of the first president of the Federal Reserve Bank. Helms was involved in destroying documents related to Project MKULTRA. which was the CIA's mind control research program.

James R. Schlesinger was the seventh CIA director. He was a member of the CFR. He was the director of strategic studies at the RAND Corporation, one of the think tanks doing the thinking for the federal government and it's military/intelligence apparatus. The figures at RAND will usually be found at internationalist secret societies, mainly the CFR. He was also a director of the Atlantic Council, which was formed as a sister organization to the CFR.

William Colby was the eighth director of the CIA. He was a member of the Knights of Malta and a member of the CFR. He was also a member of Opus Dei, the high-level secret society within the Roman Catholic Church that whips it's members. His wife was a professor teaching at Georgetown University, the Jesuit institution of Washington DC. She was also a member of the CFR, and belonged to it's sister organization, the Atlantic Council. She was a senior economic consultant to the World Bank and also played a role in Planned Parenthood, a eugenics operation. Planned Parenthood and the World Bank are both Illuminati arms. Colby apparently resisted and was found dead in a lake after being missing for days.

George H.W Bush was the ninth director of the CIA. He was a member of the Order of Skull & Bones, a secretive Illuminati chapter at Yale University created by William H. Russell (whose family were involved in the British empire's opium wars against China) and Alphonso Taft, who would later become president and see his son become president. Taft and Russell both descended from the Illuminati bloodlines, as did Bush and those he belonged to the group with. Skull & Bones is a fraternity for members of the Illuminati bloodline. Bush was involved with the Bohemian Grove and other secret societies at this time. His father (Prescott Bush) had also been a member of Skull & Bones, and was an operative of the Harrimans. He was schooled by the Jesuits in England (Stonyhurst College). Bush was a CIA officer in 1963 and was a supervisor of the anti-Castro terrorist groups that the CIA used to kill President Kennedy in Dallas. Bush was there on the night of the assassination and a fair argument can be made for his presence at the time the shots rang out. Oswald's closest friend (and likely control officer) was George DeMohrenschildt. DeMohrenschildt's son was the roommate of Bush's nephew. DeMohrenschildt and Bush knew one another through the Dallas Petroleum Club. Furthermore, DeMohrenschildt was a member of the Dallas Council on World Affairs, which was created and led by Bush confidant Neil Mallon.

Stansfield Turner was the tenth director of the CIA. He belonged to the CFR and was a member of the board of directors for Monsanto, the corporation genetically engineering the food (as part of the Illuminati depopulation agenda).

William J. Casey was the eleventh director of the CIA. He was schooled by the Jesuits and was a member of the Knights of Malta. He also belonged to the Bohemian Grove. Casey was also a member of Le Cercle, a secret transatlantic intelligence agency under the control of the elite.

William Webster was the twelfth CIA director. He was a member of the Bohemian Grove and an honorary director of the Atlantic Council. He belonged to the law firm of John J. McCloy, who was the Chairman of the CFR at the time of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and an influential member of the commission that whitewashed the investigation of President Kennedy's death. McCloy was a sympathizer of Nazi Germany and had close ties to the fascists. McCloy was also the president of the World Bank and the chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank (the Rockefeller family's bank).

Robert Gates was the thirteenth CIA director. He was schooled by the Jesuits and became involved in the Iran-Contra Affair. He would later be called to serve as the Secretary of Defense under Bush and, then, Obama.

John Deutch was the fourteenth CIA director. He was a member of the CFR and the Bilderberg Group. He serves on the board of major defense contractors (such as Raytheon) and Wall Street banks (such as Citigroup).

George Tenet was the fifteenth CIA director. He was schooled by the Jesuits and is a member of the Knights of Malta.

John E. McLaughlin was the sixteenth CIA director. He was a CFR member.

The others can be easily researched.
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