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I've just eaten two packets of and on that page you see the following...

One packet I ate was Sea Salt and the other was Honey and Dijon. When I put Dijon into Google it comes up with and on that page you see the following...

Dijon began as a Roman settlement called Divio, located on the road from Lyon to Paris. Saint Benignus, the city's patron saint, is said to have introduced Christianity to the area before being martyred.
Lyon also reminds me of a company I worked for by the name of Lyjon at Soap works and it was there that I took out a private insurance that turned out useless just like the one here in Thailand.

When you go to the Wiki page you see the following...

A honey bee on calyx of goldenrod

Now we go to the Wiki page, where we see the following...

Caltex took over the Australian companies Golden Fleece in 1981 and Ampol in 1995.
When we go to the Wiki page we see the following...

Jason returns with the Golden Fleece on an Apulian red-figure calyx krater, ca. 340–330 BCE

He hung the Golden Fleece reserved from the sacrifice on an oak in a grove sacred to Ares, where it was guarded by a dragon. There it remained until taken by Jason. The ram became the constellation Aries.
One day at Barnie's shop we had as show involving a Dragon where you had to give it money, it also involve Jason and Roger.

On the Unilever page you see the following...

By 1900 "Lifebuoy", "Lux" and "Vim" brands had been added and subsidiaries had been set up in the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Germany and elsewhere. By 1911 the company had its own oil palm plantations in Belgian Congo and the Solomon Islands. Lever Brothers Ltd also acquired other soap companies including A&F Pears, Gossage's of Widnes, Watson's of Leeds, Crosfield's of Warrington, Hazlehurst & Sons of Runcorn and Hudson's of Liverpool. The town Leverville (the present-day Lusanga) was founded in the Bandundu-district, named after William Lever.

The Dutch company Naamlooze Vennootschap Margarine Unie (English: Margarine Union Limited) grew in the 1920s through mergers of several margarine companies, among which Centra and Schicht and above all the companies of Antonius Johannes Jurgens and Samuel van den Bergh. Formed in 1927 in Rotterdam[1], it operated until 1930 when it merged with a British company, Lever Brothers, to form the multinational Unilever.
When I worked at Levers I ended up telling the guy by the name of BOB Evans who was in charge to Fuck Off, because he was a tight arse when pricing jobs and you had to struggle most of the time on your own. It was over me putting some cables in for some Star Delta pump motors (I think).

I also used to work at Van Den Bergh for a my first company called Triconic which ended up as Lyjon. It reminds me of being at Barnies Shop. Margarine also reminds me of Mikes Burgers and some pictures on the walls which I have mentioned in this thread.

Honey also leads to local shops here and also Pai Thailand and a Sweating Buddha.

On the Wiki page you see the following...

Television has been an important part of Imperial Leather advertising for decades. Imperial Leather adverts have previously featured Julie Walters and Paul Merton. Recent Imperial Leather adverts include the rose tattoo (1999), the firemen fantasy (2002),[4] the dancing duck (2002) and the secret shower advert (2005).
My first wife was named Julie who lived right next to Port Sunlight and we lived in my first house together in Merton Road, and there was also a guy who lived in the same road by the name of Paul. My wife came from 11A Trafalgar Road and while there I had a small Yamaha Trail Bike. My brother Peter also worked on the Port Sunlight Houses doing Rewires. I also knew a guy by the name of Roger Leather while I was working at Shell UK, it also involved Water Cooling Towers.

I just need to look into this a bit more

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